Statewide Intake Policy and Procedures
Handbook Revision
April 2010

This revision of the Statewide Intake Policy and Procedures Handbook was published on April 1, 2010. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

General Clarifications

The items below are revised to clarify current policy and procedure already in effect. See:

2100 Assessing Reports Called Into SWI

2110 Reporter’s Confidentiality

2111 Calling Back a Reporter

2112 Guidelines for Calling Back a Reporter

2120 Anonymous Reporters

2130 Sharing Information With the Reporter

2131 Law Enforcement “Welfare Checks”

2132 SWI Feedback to Reporter

2133 Notification to Reporter About Investigation Results

2133.1 Reporter Notification From CPS

2133.2 Reporter Notification From APS

2133.3 Reporter Notification From Child Care Licensing

2133.4 Reporter Notification From APS Facility Investigation

2140 Reporters With More Than One Intake

2150 Determining Single or Multiple Reporters

2160 Chronic Callers

2170 Suicidal Callers

2180 Requests to Speak to DFPS Staff

2181 Reporter Requests to Speak to an Intake Worker

2181.1 Calls That Should Not Be Transferred

2181.2 Calls That Should Be Transferred

2182 Reporter Requests to Speak to Field Staff

2182.1 Interstate Compact (ICPC) Requests

2182.2 Foster Care or Adoption Information Requests

2182.3 Child Care Information

2182.4 Requests From Law Enforcement to Speak to Field Staff

2182.5 Requests From Field Staff to Speak With Other Field Staff

2183 Requests for DFPS IMPACT History Search

2183.1 Requests From DFPS Staff

2183.2 Requests for Expedited Background Checks (EBC)

2183.3 Requests for DFPS IMPACT History Search From Texas Law Enforcement

2183.4 Requests for DFPS Basic IMPACT History Search From Out-of-State

2183.5 Requests for DFPS Case Record From Out-of-State

2184 Requests From Agencies for Central Registry Checks for Applicant Screening

2185 Request for an Individual’s Case Record

2186 Request for Copy of Recorded Call

2186.1 DFPS Request

2186.2 Law Enforcement Agency Requests

2190 Consulting (Staffing) With the SWI Supervisor

2200 Specialized SWI Units

2210 Expedited Background Check (EBC) and Internet Reports (E-Report)

2220 Expedited Background Check (EBC)

2221 To Request an Emergency Background Check

Cross-references to revised items are updated in the following items:

1500 Expedited Background Check (EBC) Application

1820 Maintaining the Service Level

3112.24 Person Notes

4420 When a Child Dies in the Child’s Own Home

4481 Situations That Always Require an I&R to the Open CPS Case

4720 Requests for CPS History Check From Texas Law Enforcement

5250 A Child’s Death in a CCL (DCL or RCL) Home or Facility