Statewide Intake Policy and Procedures
Handbook Revision
November 2010

This revision of the Statewide Intake Policy and Procedures Handbook was published on November 1, 2010. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

Child-Care Policy Moved to Child-Care Section

Section 2400, which relates to reports involving Child Care Licensing (CCL) has been moved to Section 5000: Child Care Licensing Division. There are no changes in policy. See:

5220 Reports Involving Children in CPS Conservatorship in a Licensed CCL Operation

5221 If Licensure of a Children’s Day Care Facility Is Unclear

5222 If Licensure of a Residential Facility Is Unclear

5230 Foster Homes for Children

5332 DCL In Re and Case Name

5443 RCL Principals

5444 RCL Assignment and Call Out

Links to the policies moved to section 5000 were redirected in the following items, which were otherwise unchanged:

5210 CCL Possible Standards Violations: Incidents Not Involving Abuse, Neglect, or Exploitation

4481 Situations That Always Require an I&R to the Open CPS Case

5440 IMPACT Procedures Specific to RCL

3111.4 In RE Section

3142.1 Case Name