Statewide Intake

Handbook Revision, March 2014

This revision of the Statewide Intake Policy and Procedures Handbook was published on March 3, 2014. A summary of the revised material is provided below.

Changes to SWI Correspondence Policy

The Re-Entry Process

Problematic Intakes

Changes to SWI Correspondence Policy (PATS 6452)

The following items are revised to reflect changes to SWI’s internal procedures for processing correspondence.


3320 Correspondence Mailed or Faxed to SWI

3321 Processing Handling Correspondence Using Electronic Documents and Email

3322 [new item] Processing Correspondence When Electronic Documents and/or Email are Unavailable

3323 3322 Completing the Correspondence Cover Sheet and Documenting a Records Search

3324 3323 Entering Correspondence in IMPACT

3324.1 [new item] Correspondence: IMPACT Documentation for an Existing IMPACT Report

3324.2 [new item] Correspondence: IMPACT Documentation for a New Report

3324.3 [new item] Determining the Reporter and Documenting Related Information in Correspondence

3324.4 [new item] Narrative Documentation Specific to Correspondence

3324 Completed Correspondence

Cross-references to these items were updated in:

3131 General Information and Description Section

The Re-Entry Process (PATS 6477)

The entire 3170 section is revised to clarify the circumstances under which intake staff transfer calls to the re-entry queue, to include additional reasons for making re-entry requests, and to update or delete outdated references. See:

3170 Re-Entering a Report in IMPACT (Re-Entry)

3171 Definitions of Re-Entry and Re-Entry Queue

3172 Program Responsibilities for Re-Entry

3172.1 Reasons for Requesting a Re-Entry

3172.2 Removing a Problematic Report From a Workload

3172.3 Notifying the Customer Service Center About a Problematic Report

3172.4 Changes That Can Be Made to a Report by Program Staff

3173 SWI Procedures for a Re-Entry

3173.1 Confirming Program Authorization of a Re-Entry Request

3173.2 When the Data Corrections Department Requests a Re-Entry

3173.3 What to Ask From Requestors of a Re-Entry

3173.4 Intake Specialists Not Assigned to the Re-Entry Queue

3173.5 Intake Specialists Assigned to the Re-Entry Queue

3173.51 Re-Entry Requests That Must Be Processed by a SWI Supervisor or Worker V

3173.52 Processing a Re-Entry Request in IMPACT From the Re-Entry Queue

3173.53 If the Re-Entry Request Is Invalid

3173.54 If the Re-Entry Request Is Valid

3173.55 Completing a Valid Request for Re-Entry in IMPACT

Cross-references to the renamed item 3170 above were updated in:

2361 When DFPS Staff Make a Report for Their Own DFPS Program

2612 Handling Complaints from Field Staff Regarding SWI

3111 Call Entry Section

Problematic Reports – Intakes & I&Rs That Are Stuck or Marked for Deletion (PATS 6617)

The item below is added to explain how to process intake reports and I&Rs that are stuck in the intake stage or are marked for deletion. This revision was published on February 11, 2014.


3940 Stuck Intakes or Intakes Marked for Deletion