Statewide Intake

Handbook Revision, September 2014

This revision of the Statewide Intake Policy and Procedures Handbook was published on September 2, 2014. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

Worker Safety Issues – Gangs

Chronic Callers

Contact Information

Documentation of HIV or AIDS Diagnosis

Worker Safety Issues – Gangs (PATS 7157)

The items below are revised to include the requirement for intake specialists to inquire about gang affiliation and gang related activity. See:

2311.1 Worker Safety Issues

3143 Special Handling Section

3143.2 3143.1 Documenting Worker Safety Issues

Chronic Callers (PATS 7167)

The item below is reworded to clarify what to do when there is no open case or when someone other than a chronic caller is reporting. The policy itself is not changing.

2161 Chronic Callers

The following items under 6000 In-Home Adult Protective Services (APS) are revised to provide guidance on handling chronic callers:

6400 Specialized APS In-Home Reports

6410 6400 Death Caused by Abuse or Neglect

6420 Allegations Made by an APS In-Home Client that are Frivolous or Patently Without a Factual Basis

7420 Allegations Related to Made by an APS Facility Client That Are Frivolous or Patently Without a Factual Basis

Contact Information (PATS 7342)

The items below have been reorganized and rewritten for clarity. See:

1200 SWI Contact Information

1210 SWI Main Number

1220 Alternative Phone Lines to Contact SWI

1221 1430 Law Enforcement Line

1222 Designated Line for Reports to APS Facility Investigations

1440 APS Facility Investigations – Community Center Phone Line

1223 1450 Administrative Line

1230 1220 Web Site for Online Reporting

1240 1230 Mailing Address

1250 1240 International and Collect Calls

1260 1250 Call Recording

1300 Processing Calls

1310 Automatic Call Distributor

1320 English Language Queue Application

1330 Spanish Language Queue Application

1400 Communication Assistance Services SWI Phone Lines

Documentation of HIV or AIDS Diagnosis (PATS 7352)

The items below are revised to include the requirement to document that a person has HIV or AIDS in the Special Handling section in IMPACT so that APS Facility Investigations may redact this information before releasing the intake. Other edits were also made to clarify the other five types of special handling. See:

2311 Special Handling Reports Intakes

3131 General Information and Description Section

3143 Special Handling Section

3143.1 Documenting Special Handling Issues