Statewide Intake

Handbook Revision, March 1, 2017

This revision of the Statewide Intake Policy and Procedures Handbook was published on March 1, 2017. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

1770 Subpoena Policy

Processing Subsequent Information to Open DFPS Cases

1770 Subpoena Policy (PATS 9542)

This revision removes the subpoena policy from the Statewide Intake Policy and Procedures Handbook. The policy is now located in the DFPS Subpoena Policy Handbook. See:

Statewide Intake Handbook

1770 Receiving a Subpoena at Statewide Intake (SWI)

1771 When a Subpoena Is Delivered in Person by a Process Server

1771.1 Subpoena Names Custodian of Records

1771.2 Subpoena Names an SWI Employee

1772 Receiving a Subpoena by Mail or Facsimile (Fax)


DFPS Subpoena Policy Handbook

1240 The SWI Custodian of Records

Processing Subsequent Information to Open DFPS Cases (PATS 9487)

The SWI handbook has been updated to address various scenarios in which a report is received with information that concerns an existing open DFPS case. Updates include:

  •   Open stages of delivery that cannot have an I&R sent to the open case.

  •   Determining the appropriate I&R type for subsequent information.

  •   Considering who the report is from (original reporter, new reporter, professional reporter, or law enforcement).

  •   Handling multiple contacts when the reporter’s sole basis of knowledge is a media source such as Facebook or the news.


2324 Subsequent Information Regarding an Existing on a DFPS Case

2324.1 Subsequent Contact From the Original Reporter Identical Reports With the Same Reporter

2324.2 Subsequent Contact From a Different Reporter Similar Information, But Different Reporters

2324.3 Subsequent Contact From a Professional Reporter

2324.4 Subsequent Contact from Law Enforcement

2324.5 Determining the I&R Type for an Existing CCL or APS Provider Case

2324.3 Additional Information Regarding An Open Case

2324.31 Additional Relevant Information Regarding an Open Case

2324.32 Additional Information Regarding Any Principal in an Open Case

2324.6 2324.33 Original Intake Is in Open Status (SBA) With SWI

2360 Reporter’s Sole Basis of Knowledge Was Obtained From Media