Statewide Intake

Handbook Revision, May 1, 2017

This revision of the Statewide Intake Policy and Procedures Handbook was published on May 1, 2017. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

APS In-Home Policy Changes (PATS 9477)

These edits address the recent policy changes to APS In-Home including changes to the assessment of self-neglect in Assisted Living Facilities and changes to scope and jurisdiction of APS In-Home.


1100 Legal Basis


1112 Abuse, Neglect, or Exploitation of a Person Age 65 or Older or an Adult With a Disability


2332.7 Death of a Child in CPS Conservatorship in a Nursing Home A Child’s Death in a Nursing Home


2712 Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS)

2712.1 Long Term Care Services Regulated by DADS

2712.1 2712.2 DADS Consumer Rights and Services Complaint Intake Unit

2712.2 2712.3 Correspondence Received from DADS


6000 In-Home Adult Protective Services (APS)

6100 APS In-Home Eligibility Criteria

6110 Definitions of Persons Served

6120 Determination of Eligibility

6121 Substantial Impairment

6122 6123 Disability Payments

6123 6122 Individuals who Automatically Qualify as Substantially Impaired

6124 Chronic Substance Abuse and APS In-Home Eligibility

6200 APS In-Home Perpetrators Definitions of APS Perpetrators

6210 Determining In-Home or Provider Jurisdiction Based on

Payment Source

6220 6210 DADS Guardianship Employee is the Alleged Perpetrator

6230 6220 Children as Perpetrators in an APS Intake

6300 Allegations That APS In-Home Investigates

6310 Physical Abuse (PHAB)

6311 Determining Physical Abuse in APS In-Home Reports

6320 Neglect (PHNG, MDNG, MHNG)

6321 Types of Neglect

6330 Sexual Abuse (SXAB)

6331 Determining Sexual Abuse in APS In-Home Reports

6340 Emotional Abuse (EMAB)

6341 Determining Emotional or Verbal Abuse in APS Reports

6350 Financial Exploitation (EXPL)

6351 Determining Financial Exploitation in APS In-Home Reports

6360 Death Caused by Abuse or Neglect

6400 APS In-Home Priorities

6500 Victims Located in Facilities Licensed or Regulated by

Other DFPS Programs or Other State Agencies

6510 Facility Licensed by Residential Child Care Licensing


6520 In-Home Investigations in State Operated and Community

Provider Settings

6520 6530 Situations Involving Facilities Regulated by Texas State

Agencies Other Than DFPS

6531 Victim Is in a Temporary Safe Environment

6521 6532 Discharge from a Hospital, Nursing Home, or Hospice Victim Is Being Discharged From a Hospital or Nursing Home

6522 6533 APS Investigations in DADS Adult Foster Homes

6600 APS In-Home Involvement in Other Situations

6610 Request for APS In-Home to Provide Consent for Medical Treatment

6620 Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) or Removal of Life Support

6630 Guardianship

6640 Unlicensed Facilities

6650 Private and Public Schools

6660 Indian Reservations and Military Bases

6670 Reports from the Elder Fraud Abuse Units of Financial


6700 Allegations Made by an APS In-Home Client That Are

Frivolous or Patently Without a Factual Basis (Chronic Callers)

6800 Case-Related Special Requests (CRSR)

6810 Types of CRSR Reports for APS In-Home Cases

6900 Documentation and Processing of APS In-Home CRSRs

6910 IMPACT Procedures Specific to APS In-Home

6911 APS In-Home Case Name

6912 APS In-Home Report Person Detail

6913 APS In-Home Person List

6914 APS In-Home Change of County for Case Assignment

6920 APS In-Home Call Out and Assignment

Changes to APS Provider Investigations Section of the SWI Handbook (PATS 9567)

The 7000 section has been revised and reorganized in its entirety to address changes to the scope and jurisdiction of APS Provider Investigations.