Handbook Revision, March 12, 2018

This revision of the Statewide Intake Policy and Procedures Handbook was published on March 12, 2018. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

IMPACT Modernization Procedure Updates (PATS 10413)

Revisions have been made throughout the handbook due to IMPACT Modernization, which resulted in new terminology and IMPACT procedures. The updates reflect new labels within IMPACT and follow the organization of an IMPACT report. There are no changes to policy.

Most changes are in the 3000 section, which covers processing procedures. Where expedient, handbook sections have been updated to provide a clearer and more concise description of information.

Affected items:

1000 The Statewide Intake (SWI) Contact Center


1111 Abuse or Neglect of a Child


1120 Anonymity, Confidentiality, Immunity, and Good Faith


1222 Designated Line for Reports to APS Provider Facility Investigations


1260 Call Recording


1500 Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) Criminal History Check (formerly EBC)




1711 E-Unit


1730 Support Staff

1740 Floor Managers

1750 Program Improvement Unit

1760 CLOE SWI Employee Development Unit


1810 Shift Scheduling Call Flow

1820 Managing the Workload Maintaining the Service Level


2000 Receiving and Assessing Information Provided to SWI

2100 Methods of Reporting and Assessing Reports Made to SWI

2110 Methods of Making a Report of Abuse, Neglect, or Exploitation to SWI

2120 Assessing Information Provided to SWI Reports

2121 Obtaining Information During Calls

2130 Reporter Contact and Interaction

2131 2130.1 Anonymous Reporters

2132 2130.2 Providing the Report Call Identification Number (Report Call ID)

2133 2131 Acceptable Use of Caller ID Feature on SWI Phones

2134 2132 Reporter Calls Back Requesting the Call Report ID or the Status of a Previous Report

2135 2133 Calling Back a Reporter

2135.1 2133.1 Confidentiality and Safety of the Reporter

2135.2 2133.2 Calling Back Professional Reporters

2135.3 2133.3 Calling Back Non-professional Reporters

2135.31 2134 Guidelines for Calling Back a Non-professional Reporter

2136 2135 SWI Feedback to Reporter

2137 2136 Notification to Reporter about Investigation Results

2137.1 2136.1 Reporter Notification From CPS

2137.2 2136.2 Reporter Notification From Child Care Licensing

2137.3 2136.3 Reporter Notification From APS In-Home

2137.4 2136.4 Reporter Notification From APS Provider Investigations Facility

2140 Reporters with More than One Intake

2150 Determining Who to Identify as a Reporter in IMPACT Determining Single or Multiple Reporters

2160 Chronic, Inappropriate, and Suicidal Callers

2161 Chronic Callers

2162 Offensive or Inappropriate Callers

2163 Suicidal Callers

2170 2180 Requests to Speak to DFPS Staff

2171 2181 Reporter Requests to Speak to an Intake Specialist

2171.1 2181.1 Calls that Should Not Be Transferred

2171.2 2181.2 Calls that Should Be Transferred

2172 2182 Reporter Requests to Speak to Field Staff

2172.1 2182.1 Interstate Compact (ICPC) Requests

2172.2 2182.2 Foster Care or Adoption Information Requests

2172.3 2182.3 Child Care Information

2172.4 2182.4 Requests from Law Enforcement to Speak to Field Staff

2172.5 2182.5 Requests from Field Staff to Speak with Other Field Staff

2173 2183 Requests for DFPS IMPACT History Search

2173.1 2183.1 Requests from DFPS Staff

2173.2 2183.2 Requests from Texas Law Enforcement

2173.21 2183.21 Austin Police Department (APD) Victim Services

2173.22 2183.22 Verifying the Requestor’s Identity

2173.23 2183.23 Providing the Search Results to Law Enforcement

2173.24 2183.24 Providing Case Information in Writing

2173.3 2183.3 Requests for DFPS Basic IMPACT History Search from Out-of-State and Foreign Requestors

2173.4 2183.4 Requests for DFPS Case Record From Out-of-State

2174 2184 Requests From Agencies for Central Registry Checks for Applicant Screening

2175 2185 Request for an Individual's Own Case Record

2176 2186 Request for a Copy of a Recorded Call

2176.1 2186.1 Requests From DFPS Program Staff

2176.2 2186.2 Requests From Law Enforcement Agencies

2176.3 2186.3 Requests From Records Management Group or Attorneys Representing DFPS

2177 Requests for Courtesy Interview from Out of State

2178 Requests from DFPS Staff for a Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) Criminal History Check

2180 2190 Consulting (Staffing) With the Intake Supervisor

2200 Specialized SWI Units

2210 E-Unit

2220 Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) Criminal History Check

2230 Project HIP (Helping Through Intervention and Prevention)

2200 2300 Determining the Type of Report: Whether Information Is an Intake, Special Request, or Information and Referral

2210 2310 Intake

2211 2311 Special Handling Reports

2211.1 2311.1 Worker Safety Issues

2212 2312 Law Enforcement Jurisdiction

2213 2313 Limited Locating Information

2220 2320 Special Requests and Information & Referrals (I&Rs)

2321 Special Request (Administrative)

2221 2322 Case-Related Special Requests for CPS and APS

2221.1 2322.1 Assessing Generating a CRSR When There is Not Enough Locating Information for a CPS, RCCL, or DCL Intake

2222 2323 Information and Referrals (I&Rs)

2223 2324 Subsequent Information Regarding an Existing DFPS Case

2223.1 2324.1 Subsequent Contact From the Original Reporter

2223.2 2324.2 Subsequent Contact From a Different Reporter

2223.3 2324.3 Subsequent Contact From a Professional Reporter

2223.4 2324.4 Subsequent Contact from Law Enforcement

The 2223.5 heading below is a number change only; the content published in February 2018 has not changed:

2223.5 2324.5 Determining the I&R Type for an Existing CCL or APS PI Case (number change only)

2223.6 2324.6 Original Intake Is in Open Status (SBA) With SWI

2224 2325 Requests by DFPS Field Staff for other DFPS Field Staff to Conduct Courtesy Interviews or Case Assistance

2225 2326 Client Moves During an Investigation: Transfer Cases

2226 Requests by an Out-Of-State Protective Services Agency for DFPS Staff to Conduct Courtesy Interviews or Provide Case Assistance

2230 2330 The Death of a Child

2231 2331 Death of a Child Reported by Law Enforcement

2232 2332 A Child's Death of a Child While in DFPS CPS Conservatorship

2232.1 2332.1 Notifying the Local CPS Office of the Death of a Child in DFPS CPS Conservatorship

2232.2 2332.2 Death of a Child in DFPS CPS Conservatorship Report for CPS

2232.3 2332.3 Death of a Child in DFPS CPS Conservatorship Report for RCCL

2232.4 2332.4 Death of a Child in DFPS CPS Conservatorship Report for DCL

2232.5 2332.5 Death of a Child in DFPS CPS Conservatorship in a Facility Under the Jurisdiction of APS Provider Facility Investigations

2231.6 2332.6 Death of a Child in DFPS CPS Conservatorship in a Texas Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD) Placement

2232.7 2332.7 Death of a Child in DFPS CPS Conservatorship in a Nursing Home

2240 2340 Death of a Person Age 65 or Older or Adult With a Disability

2250 2350 Reports Made by DFPS Staff

2251 2351 When DFPS Staff Make a Report for Their Own DFPS Program

2251.1 2351.1 Reports Made Verbally by DFPS Staff for Their Own DFPS Program

2251.2 2351.2 E-Reports Made by DFPS Staff for Their Own DFPS Program

2252 2352 When Program Staff in One DFPS Program Report for a Different DFPS Program

2260 2360 Reporter's Sole Basis of Knowledge Was Obtained From Media

2300 2400 Law Enforcement "Welfare Checks"

2400 2500 Sensitive Reports

2410 2510 Reasons SWI May Designate a Report as Sensitive

2420 2520 Specific Information Required for Reports that are Designated as Sensitive

2430 2530 SWI Employees Who Need to Make a Sensitive Report

2440 2540 Sensitive Reports Involving a SWI Employee

2450 2550 Parental Notification When A Minor Wants or Has Had an Abortion

2460 2560 Address Confidentiality Program (ACP)

2500 2600 Handling Complaints

2510 2610 Complaints Regarding a Report Taken by SWI

2511 2611 Complaints About SWI Staff From the General Public

2512 2612 Handling Concerns Originating Within the SWI Program

2513 2613 Procedures for Field Staff Regarding Concerns Shared with SWI

2520 2620 SWI Concerns Regarding Field Handling of an Investigation

2530 2630 Complaints Regarding Case Handling or Actions by DFPS Field Staff

2540 2640 Documenting Complaints in IMPACT

2550 2650 Complaints Regarding Investigations Conducted by Another Texas State Agency

2600 2700 Reports for Other Texas State or Community Agencies

2610 2710 Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) Departments

2611 2711 Mental Health Services and Services for Persons With Intellectual Disabilities

2612 2712 Health and Human Services (HHS) Long Term Care and Supports Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS)

2612.1 2712.1 DADS Health and Human Services (HHS) Consumer Rights and Services Complaint Intake Unit

2612.2 2712.2 Correspondence Received from HHS Consumer Rights and Services DADS

2613 2713 Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS)

2613.1 2713.1 Facilities Investigated by DSHS

2613.2 2713.2 SWI Responsibility

2620 2720 Texas Workforce Commission (TWC)

2630 2730 Agencies Serving Children

2631 2731 Texas Juvenile Justice Department

2732 Youth Camps

2632 2733 Texas Education Agency (TEA)

2640 2740 Veterans Administration (VA) Hospitals

2650 2750 Adult Living Facilities Not Subject to Licensure

2660 2760 Reports Concerning Law Enforcement

2661 2761 Reports of Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation, or Death Investigated by Law Enforcement

2662 2762 Reports of Abuse or Neglect Perpetrated by Law Enforcement

2670 2770 Indian Reservations and Military Bases

2680 2780 Reports Involving a DFPS Program and Another Texas State or Community Agency

2690 2790 Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (TSBVI) and Texas School for the Deaf (TSD)

2700 2800 Reports of Abuse, Neglect, or Exploitation for Another State's Protective Services Agency

2710 2810 Texas Intake With Additional Victims at Risk Outside Texas


3000 Processing Reports

3100 Entering Information into IMPACT

3110 3110 Beginning a Report Call Information Page

3111 Completing the Call Information Page When a DFPS Employee Makes a Report

3111.1 When a DFPS Employee Makes a Report as a Professional

3111.2 When a DFPS Employee Makes a Report on Behalf of Someone Else

3111.3 When a DFPS Employee Makes a Report as a Personal Witness or Participant

3120 Report Information Page

3121 3112 Entry Section

3113 Call Information Section

3113.1 Documenting the Anonymous Reporter

3121.1 Intake Information Section

3121.2 Reporter Information Section

3121.21 3113.2 Related Reports Calls Field

3121.22 3113.3 Reporter Person Notes Field

3121.23 3113.4 Disaster Relief Drop-Down List

3121.3 3114 Caller Reporter Address Section

3115 Caller Phone Section

3121.4 Reporter Contact Information Section

3121.5 Anonymous and DFPS Employee Reporters

3121.51 Anonymous Reporters

3121.52 3111.1 When a DFPS Employees Employee Makes a Report as a Reporting in a Professional Capacity

3121.53 3111.2 When a DFPS Employee Makes a Report Employees Reporting on Behalf of Someone Else

3121.54 3111.3 When a DFPS Employee Makes a Report Employees Reporting as a Personal Witness or Participant

3122 3117 Report Call Type Section

3122.1 Special Request Program and Type Drop-Down Lists

3117.1 Program Type Drop-Down List

3117.2 Special Request Type Drop-Down List

3122.2 3117.3 I&R Type Drop-Down List

3122.3 Classification Drop-Down List

3122.4 Case Name Drop-Down List

3122.5 County Drop-Down List

3123 3116 In Regards RE To Field Section

3124 3118 Person Section

3118.1 Person List

3118.11 Entering the Reporter's Details

3125 Report Person Detail Page

3125.1 3121 Entering Names Name Section

3125.2 Entering Addresses and Phone Numbers

3125.3 3123 Entering Demographics Section

3125.31 Selecting Person Types

3125.32 Assigning Person Roles

3125.33 Identifying Relationship or Interest (Rel/Int)

3125.34 Entering Dates of Birth (DOB) and Ages

3125.35 Entering Dates of Death (DOD)

3125.36 3123.1 Entering Person Notes Field

3125.4 Entering Race and Ethnicity

3125.5 Completing Specialized Report Person Detail Pages

3125.51 Report Person Detail Page When a Reporter is a Principal Source

3125.52 3118.12 Completing the Call Report Person Detail Page When a Principal or Collateral is a DFPS Employee, Volunteer, or Intern, or a Relative of a DFPS Employee, Volunteer, or Intern

3125.53 Report Person Detail Page When a Person’s Information is Obtained From a License Plate Check

3126 Resource Section

3119 Facility Section

3120 Call Person Detail Page

3122 Address Fields and Phone Drop-Down List

3130 Narrative Page

3131 Reports That Require a Narrative

3132 General Narrative Writing Guidelines

3132.1 3133 General Information and Description Section

3133.1 Documenting a Consultation (Staffing) With the Intake Supervisor

3132.2 3134 Conclusion Section

3132.3 3135 Locating Information Section

3140 Intake Actions Page

3141 Worker Safety Issues Section

3142 3141 Allegation Section

3143 Report Decision Section

3142 Call Decision Section

3142.1 Classification Drop-Down List

3142.2 Case Name Drop-Down List

3142.3 Primary Allegation Drop-Down List

3143.1 3142.4 Determination Factors Checkboxes

3143.2 3142.5 Determination Descriptors Checkboxes

3143.3 3142.6 Priority Initial Drop-Down List

3143.4 3142.7 Closure Codes Drop-Down List

3144 3143 Special Handling Section

3144.1 3143.1 Special Handling Drop-Down List

3144.14 3143.11 OAG-ACP (Address Confidentiality Program)

3144.11 3143.12 Active Military

3144.12 3143.13 Law Enforcement

3144.15 3143.14 Retired Military

3144.13 3143.15 Native American Reservation

3143.2 Worker Safety Issues Checkbox

3144.2 3143.4 Suspected Manufacturing of Methamphetamines Checkbox

3144.3 3143.3 Sensitive Case Checkbox

3145 3144 Call Report Summary Section

3146 3144.1 Determining Law Enforcement Jurisdiction

3146.1 Law Jurisdiction Section

3146.2 Add Jurisdiction Section

3144.11 Using the DFPS Law Enforcement Jurisdiction Locator Website

3144.12 Using IMPACT to Determine Law Enforcement Jurisdiction

3144.2 Documenting Law Enforcement Jurisdiction

3144.21 Using the Law Jurisdiction Search Feature in IMPACT

3144.22 Situations In Which The Law Jurisdiction Search Feature in IMPACT Is Not Used

3144.23 Documenting That Law Enforcement Jurisdiction is Unknown

3150 Assigning, Submitting, Saving or Closing a Report

3151 Saving a Report to an Intake Specialist's Own Workload

3152 Locating a Report Retrieving an Intake From an Intake Specialist's Own Workload

3160 Contacts Resulting in More Than One Report

3161 New Using Feature Function

3162 Modifying Related (Companion) Reports

3163 New Using Function and Duplicating Reports With Unnamed Persons

3170 Re-Entering a Report in IMPACT (Re-Entry)

3171 Definitions of Re-Entry and Re-Entry Queue

3172 Program Responsibilities for Re-Entry

3172 Receiving a Re-Entry at SWI

3173 Re-Entry Requests Received from APS, CPS, and CCL Staff

3173.1 3172.1 Reasons for Requesting a Re-Entry

3173.2 3172.4 Changes That Can Be Made to a Report by Program Staff

3173.3 3172.2 Removing a Problematic Report From a Workload

3173.4 3172.3 Notifying the Customer Service Center About a Problematic Report

3174 3173 SWI Procedures for a Re-Entry

3174.1 3173.1 Evaluating the Confirming Program Authorization of a Re-Entry Request

3174.2 3173.3 What to Ask From Requestors of a Re-Entry

3174.3 Documenting a Re-Entry Request in IMPACT

3174.4 3173.55 Completing a Valid Request for Re-Entry in IMPACT

3174.5 3173.53 If the Re-Entry Request Is Invalid

3173.4 Intake Specialists Not Assigned to the Re-Entry Queue

3173.5 Intake Specialists Assigned to the Re-Entry Queue

3174.6 3173.51 Re-Entry Requests That Must Be Processed by a SWI Supervisor or Worker V

3173.52 Processing a Re-Entry Request in IMPACT From the Re-Entry Queue

3173.54 If the Re-Entry Request Is Valid

3174.7 Re-Entry Requests Received through Mail, Fax, or Internet

3174.8 3173.2 When the Data Corrections Department Requests a Re-Entry

3175 3174 Re-Entering a CRSR That is Generated Assessed Due to a Lack of Locating Information

3200 Performing Searches

3210 3230 Person Search

3211 Performing Person Searches From The Person List

3211.1 Launching Person Searches

3211.2 Viewing Person Search Results

3211.3 3236 Determining Whether to Relate the Person

3211.4 Potential Duplicates

3211.5 Relating the Person

3211.6 Unrelating a Person

3231 Launching Person Search From the Intake

3212 3232 Launching Person Search From the Search Tab

3213 Person Comparison Feature

3233 Expanding the Person Search Criteria

3234 Person Searches Using Aliases

3235 Checking Principals for Previous Reports

3237 Searching by Address

3220 3240 Case Search

3221 3260 Event Search

3230 3210 Resource Search Within IMPACT Directory

3231 3211 Performing a Resource or Facility Searches

3232 3212 Resource Missing from Resource Directory

3233 3213 Resource Facility Search for Foster Homes

3220 History Searches

3221 Purpose of History Searches

3222 Using a Second Browser Window for Searches

3241 Obtain Case ID of the Previous Intake

3242 Pasting a Case History Into a Report

3243 Finding the Current Caseworker on an Open Case

3244 Reviewing the Person List (Household Composition) on a Previous Case

3250 Relate Procedures

3251 The Use Incoming Person Information Function

3251.1 Using the Use Incoming Person Information Function

3251.2 Viewing and Correcting Information

3251.3 Documenting Incorrect or Expired Addresses and Phone Information

3252 Unrelating Persons

3252.1 Correcting Information Before Unrelating

3261 Review the Previous Intake From the Case Summary Page (Recorded Call)

3262 Review the Conclusion of Previous Investigation

3240 Other Searches

3241 3270 Internet Search

3242 3271 Social Media Search

3243 3280 TIERS: The Texas Integrated Eligibility Redesign System and Accurint

3244 License Plate Searches

3245 Out-of-State IMPACT Search Requests

3300 Reports Received through the Internet, by Mail, or by Fax Correspondence

3310 Internet Reports (E-Reports)

3311 Requesting and Processing E-Reports

3311.1 Requesting an E-Report Procedures

3311.2 Reviewing and Entering Data in the E-Report Processing Procedures

3311.3 Information and Referral (I&Rs)

3311.3 3311.4 Assigning, Submitting, Saving or Closing an E-Report

3320 Mailed or Faxed Reports Correspondence Mailed or Faxed to SWI

3321 Processing Mailed and Faxed Reports Correspondence Using Electronic Documents and Email

3322 Processing Correspondence When Electronic Documents and/or Email are Unavailable

3323 Completing the Correspondence Cover Sheet and Documenting a Records Search

3322 3324 Entering Mailed or Faxed Reports Correspondence in IMPACT

3322.1 3324.1 Correspondence: IMPACT Documentation for an Exact Match to an Existing Report in IMPACT

3324.2 Correspondence: IMPACT Documentation for a New Report

3322.2 3324.3 Determining the Reporter and Documenting Related Information in Mailed or Faxed Reports Correspondence

3322.3 3324.4 Narrative Documentation Specific to Mailed or Faxed Reports Correspondence

3400 Procedures for Sensitive Reports

3410 Supervisory Consultation (Staffing) and Review of Sensitive Reports

3420 3410 Documenting a Sensitive Report

3421 3411 Documenting Abortion-Related Information

3422 3412 Documenting Address Confidentiality Program Information

3423 3413 Documenting Law Enforcement Notification in Sensitive Reports

3420 Saving and Submitting Sensitive Reports for Approval

3421 Exceptions for Certain Sensitive I&Rs

3430 Processing Sensitive Reports

3431 Sensitive I&Rs That Are Not Submitted

3440 Supervisory Review and Assignment of Sensitive Reports

3431 Assigning Sensitive Reports to Regional Contacts

3500 Processing Requests for a Copy of a Recorded Call

3600 Processing an Information and Referral (I&R)

3610 Entering the In Regards To Fields Re For an I&R

3620 Processing an I&R that is Saved and Closed at Intake

3621 I&R Sent to Law Enforcement in Texas

3621.1 3631.1 I&R for the Texas Department of Public Safety Joint Crimes Information Center (JCIC

3630 I&Rs Assigned to the Faxing Workload Support Staff

3631 I&Rs For Another Texas State Agency, Out-of State Agency, or Law Enforcement Agency

3632 I&R for Another State’s Protective Service Agency or Out-Of-State Law Enforcement Agency

3632 I&R for Support Staff Call Out

3640 I&R Assigned Transmitted to the DFPS Field by Intake Specialist

3641 I&R For CCL Standards Violations and Client Rights for APS Provider Facility Investigations

3642 When Intake Specialist Calls Out an I&R

3642 3643 Additional Information for an Open DFPS Case

3643 3644 Additional Information on an Intake Still Being Processed by SWI

3650 Modifying Reports

3651 Changing an Open Intake Into an I&R

3652 Closing an I&R Accidentally Saved and Assigned to Intake Specialist’s Workload

3652 3653 Assigning an Intake or I&R Erroneously Saved and Assigned to Intake Specialist’s Workload

3700 Processing Special Requests

3710 Processing Case-Related Special Requests (CRSR)

3711 Processing a CRSR that is Generated Assessed Due to a Lack of Locating Information

3720 Processing Administrative Special Requests

3800 IMPACT Downtime

3900 Assigning, Submitting, or Closing Reports Assignment and Call-Out

3910 Change of County for Case Assignment

3911 Time of Transmission of Intake

3920 Call-Outs

3921 Call-Outs Performed by SWI Support Staff

3922 Call-Outs Performed by Intake Specialists

3922.1 Call-Outs for CPS and CCL When SWI Support Staff Is Not Available

3922.2 Call-Outs for APS In-Home and APS Facility Investigations

3922.3 Call-Outs in Emergency Situations

3923 Contacting On-Call Staff

3924 Documenting the Call-Out in IMPACT

3925 Saving and Assigning Intakes

3925 3926 Staff Search

3926 3927 On-Call Schedule Changes

3926.1 3927.1 Instructions to be Shared With Field Staff on Changing an On-Call Schedule

3926.2 3927.2 Problems With On-Call Schedules or On-Call Staff

3930 Call-Out and Assignment Charts

3930 3940 Intakes and I&Rs That Are Stuck or Marked for Deletion


4291.2 Labor Traffickers Not Investigated by CPS


4292.2 Sex Traffickers Not Investigated by CPS


4421 Allegations Involving a Recent Child Death


4431.2 Drug or Alcohol Use During Pregnancy (Post Delivery)


4480 Issues Involving Children in DFPS CPS Conservatorship

4481 Situations That Always Require an I&R Call Regarding Existing CPS Case

4482 Youth in DFPS CPS Conservatorship Has a Baby

4483 Young Adults Who Return to Care

4490 Reports of Abuse or Neglect that Involve School Personnel Involving Schools


4513 Texas CPS Intake and Additional Children at Risk in Another State


4530 Determining CPS or RCCL Jurisdiction for a Child in Relative or Fictive Kin Placement


4611 Referring a Reporter to Another State's CPS

4612 Generating Assessing an I&R to Another State's CPS


4622 Investigational Jurisdiction of Unaccompanied Alien Children


4910 In Regards To Re and Case Name

4920 CPS Person List


4940 CPS Assignment and Call-Out

4941 CPS Change of County for Case Assignment


5000 Child Care Licensing (CCL) Division


5210 Exploitation and Human Trafficking in CCL Reports


5221 CCL Assessment of Priority 1


5230 CCL Possible Standards Violations: Incidents Not Involving Abuse, Neglect, or Exploitation

5240 Reports Involving Children in DFPS Conservatorship in a CCL Operation


5320 Operations Exempt from Regulation by DCL

5330 DCL Illegal Operations


5351 Resource Facility Section for DCL Reports

5352 DCL Case Name

5353 DCL Person List

5354 DCL Report Processing Assignment and Call-Out


5400 Residential Child Care Licensing (RCCL)

5420 Operations Exempt from Regulation by RCCL

5430 The Department or Agency which Licenses a Residential Facility Is Unclear

5440 RCCL Illegal Operations

5450 Special Situations Involving RCCL Operations

5451 When the Victim Is 18 or Older

5452 Generating Assessing Reports of Alleged Sex Offenders in a Foster Home (Active vs Inactive)


5454 Determining RCCL or CPS Jurisdiction for a Child in Relative or Fictive Kin Placement


5456 Law Enforcement Reports Family Violence in RCCL Foster Homes


5461 Resource Facility Section for RCCL Reports


5462 RCCL Case Name

5463 RCCL Person List

5464 RCCL Report Processing Assignment and Call Out


6000 In-Home Adult Protective Services In-Home (APS)


6911 APS In-Home Case Name

6912 APS In-Home Report Person Detail

6913 APS In-Home Person List


7000 APS The Adult Protective Services Provider Investigations Division


7710 Completing the In Regards To and Case Name Fields for Cases Related to APS Provider Investigations


7730 Using the Resource Section in IMPACT for Reports Related to APS Provider Investigations