Handbook Revision, January 2, 2019

This revision of the Statewide Intake Policy and Procedures Handbook was published on January 2, 2019. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

Out-of-State Reports (PATS 11367)

This policy revision clarifies that when a caseworker from another state’s protective service agency requests a courtesy interview, SWI processes it as a CRSR, not as an intake for Texas CPS. This revision also includes updates to sections about what SWI does when the abuse or neglect occurred out of state, the child lives out of state or is an unaccompanied alien child (UAC), or the alleged perpetrator lives out of state.


4500 Special Topics Related to CPS Investigational Jurisdiction

4510 Situations Involving Out-of-State Abuse, Neglect, or People Determining Whether to Generate a Texas CPS Intake

4511 Request from Out-of-State Caseworker

4512 Unaccompanied Alien Child (UAC)

4513 4511 CPS Out-of-State Table

4514 4512 Reports of Involving Abuse or Neglect That Occurred Both in Texas and Out of State Out-of-State

4515 4513 Texas CPS Intake and Additional Children at Risk in Another State