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State of Texas Forms

DFPS Forms

Number Form Title
  Adoption Plan
  Checklist for Adoption Services Payment
  Checklist for Post Placement Adoption Services Payment
  Contractor Information
  Instructions for Completion of IV-E Budget Documents
  Post Adopt Monthly Activity Report
  Special Needs Adoption Training Curricula Resources for Contractors
0101 DFPS Case Complaint Form
0249 Acknowledgement of Completion of Training
0250 Volunteer Application
0250c Volunteer Transportation Acknowledgement
0260 Montly Volunteer Activity Report
0398 Kinship Profile Questionnaire
0398s Cuestionario Sobre El Perfil Del Pariente Cuidador
0399 Kinship Release of Information and Acknowledgement
0399s Divulgación de Información y Reconocimiento de Parientes
0690 Permanency Care Assistance Statement of Intent
1105 Intense Psychiatric Transitional Program Discharge Notice
1106 Intense Psychiatric Transitional Program Discharge Notice Communication
1809 Foster/Relative or Other Designated Caregiver Daycare Verification Form
2006 Applicant Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire
2008 DFPS Request for Information from JPD's Regarding Terms of Probation/Release
2030 Budget for Purchase of Service Contracts
2030 CLIVE Budget for Title IV-E County Contract
2030 CWIVE Budget for Title IV-E County Contract
2030ins Instructions for Budget for Purchase of Service Contracts
2031 Signatory Authority Designation
2033RCC Subcontractor Documentation Form
2033a-RCC Subcontractor Process (PDF Document)
2037 Referral for Placement in a DSHS - Funded RTC - Child not in DFPS Conservatorship
2053 Parent Training Evaluation Questionnaire
2057 Court Related Services Form
2062 Referral for Substance Abuse Services
2063 Release of Confidential Information
2069 Travel Out of Country Request (PDF Document)
2085-B Designation of Medical Consenter (PDF Document)
2085FC Placement Authorization Foster Care/Residential Care
2085-E Education Decision-Maker Form
2085SIL Placement Authorization: Supervised Independent Living / Instructions
2087 Application for Placement
2087ex Alternative Application for Placement of Children in Residential Care
2094 Summary of Child's Medical Care (PDF Document)
2109 Residential Child Care Discharge Notice Form
2127 Permanency Care Assistance: Key Issues for Judges
2128 24 Hour Awake Caregiver Supervision Plan
2178 Home Screening Referral Form
2245 Referral to Intensive Psychiatric Transition Program
2279 Placement Summary
2282EMPLMSW/BSW2 Employee Agreement (MSW/BSW2)
2282STUDNTMSW Employee Agreement (MSW)
2282STUDNTBSW1 Employee Agreement (BSW1)
2282STUDNTBSW2 Employee Agreement (BSW2)
2286 Foster Care and Adoption Parenting Application
2286b Additional Household Information
2324 First Level Appeal of Provider Investigation Finding
2403 Medical, Dental, Vision, Hearing, or Behavioral Health Appointment / Instructions
2349 Second Level Appeal of a Provider Investigation Finding
2500 New Transition Plan Form & Instructions
2501 Transition Planning Meeting / Selection Checklist
2503 Youth in Transition Family Group Conference Circle of Support Referral Form
2515 Circle of Support Re-conference Agenda
2516 Circle of Support Conference Guide
2517 Circle of Support Re-conference Guide
2529 Referral to Supervised Independent Living (SIL) Provider
2530 Rights of Children and Youth in Foster Care
2532 Trial Independence: Ability to Return for Extended Foster Care
2540 Voluntary Extended Foster Care Agreement and Financial Agreement
2541 Extended Care Rights and Responsibilities
2545 DFPS-DADS Guardianship Extented Foster Home Placement Agreement
2563 Foster Care Re-entry Checklist
2604b Safety Plan
2605 Supervised Independent Living (SIL) Application
2625 Child Caregiver Resource Form (PDF Document)
2626 Family Information Form
2661 Weekly Status Report for Residential Contracts for SIL (PDF Document)
2704 Request approval from the Child Protective Services to conduct research
2759 Acknowledgement and Certificate of Completion of Medical Consent Training
2778 Materials Required Prior to Issuance - Child-Placing Agency Standards (PDF Document)
2779 Materials Required Prior to Issuance - Consolidated Standards (PDF Document)
2780 Materials Required Prior to Issuance - Emergency Shelters (PDF Document)
2781 Materials Required Prior to Issuance - Independent Foster Family Homes (PDF Document)
2782 Materials Required Prior to Issuance - Independent Foster Group Homes (PDF Document)
2851 DFPS Security Guard or Custodial Services Automated Background Check System (ABCS) New Account Request
2854 Request For Child Abuse/Neglect Central Registry And DPS Criminal History Check
2856 Homebound Fingerprinting Request Form
2934 Medical History Report (PDF Document)
2970 Request for Child Abuse/Neglect Central Registry Check
2970c Disclosure and Consent to Release of Information Regarding Criminal or Abuse/Neglect History For Applicants, Employees or Volunteers of DFPS Contractors and Subcontractors
2971c Request for Background Check for Purchase Client Services
2973c Risk Evaluation Based on Criminal History Results
2974 Request for Risk Evaluation Based on Past Criminal History of Central Registry Findings
2944 Non-DFPS Staff Background Check Request Form 
3001 Statement of Rights and Responsibilities of Foster Parents and Child-Placing Agencies
3015 Release of Information to Adoption Champion
3102A Visitation Record and Observation Checklist
3103A Supervised Visitation Rules for Caregivers and Adult Participant(s)
3104A Sign In Log
3113 Sibling Relationship Checklist
3114 Supervised Visitation Satisfaction Survey Questionnaire
3300 Single Child’s Plan of Service (Provider Version) / Instructions
4048 DFPS Janitor, Security Guard, and Shred Contractors Background Check Request Form
4054c Background Check Statement (PDF Document)
4526 Psychotropic Medication Treatment Consent Form
4882 Request from Child Custody or Adoption Evaluators for Case Records
4884 Former Youth Foster Request for Personal Records
4885-G Request for Case Records
4885-J Request from Juvenile Justice Entities for Case Records
4885-L Request from Law Enforcement for Case Records
4732 Request for Determination of Ability to Contract (PDF Document)
5500GEN General Invoicing Procedures
5500CHEM Invoicing Procedures for Chemical Dependency
5501 PAL Referral Form
5502 Individual Monthly Progress Report
5503 Independent Study Guide Caregiver Report
5504 Knowledge Assessment
5507 Review of Qualifications and Requirements
5508 Training Class Schedule
5509 Contractor Monthly Report
5510 Participant Evaluation
5512es Authorization to release information
5518CM PAL Monthly Expenditure Report - Case Management
5518LST PAL Services Monthly Expenditures Report - Life Skills Training
5520 Withdrawal Report
5521 Consent for Release of Information for the Education and Training Voucher (ETV) Program
5522 PAL Teen Conference Adult Evaluation
5523 PAL Teen Conference Youth Evaluation
5550 Post Permanency Services Questionnaire
5602 Post Adoption Services Questionnaire
7039 Stipend Student Information
7238 Authorization for Dispensing Medication (PDF Document)
9007ICC Internal Control Certification
9007RCC Internal Control Structure Questionnaire (ICSQ) for Residential Child Care
9105 Risk Analysis Questionnaire
9310 FY18 University Budget Indirect Costs Based on Salaries and Fringe
9321 Title IV-E Training Expense Documentation
PCS-102PP Contracting Entity and List of Staff, Subcontractors, and Volunteers - Post Permanency
PCS-108 Post Adopt Monthly Activity Report & Fiscal Year Summary