Your personal documents and cps records


Identification documents

If you lost or cannot locate your original identification documents, you must contact the agencies responsible for issuing original documents to make a request. Below is information and links for the different records you can request:

  • Birth Certificate—A certified copy of your birth certificate can be obtained from the Texas Department of State Health Services.
  • State ID or Driver License—A state issued license or ID card is obtained from the Texas Department of Public Safety. Get a free driver license! If you are still in foster care, you may be able to get your driver license for free, and not have to pay the fees. Please note, you are still responsible for passing the written and driving tests. See:
  • Social Security Card—Get a new or replacement Social Security card from The Social Security Administration.
  • Voter Registration Card—Register to vote to get your voter registration card.

CPS documents and case record

If you cannot locate your personal documents you may request copies from CPS. To request a copy of your personal documents or your CPS case record, fill out Form 4884 (Spanish version) and send it to DFPS. In some instances the CPS case record may include original personal documents which will be provided at the time of the request.

If you have questions about the form for requesting copies of personal documents, case records or any other records issues, please send an email to DFPS Records Management.

You may also call us during business hours at (512) 929-6764 or toll free at (877) 764-7230.

Send the completed form and all required documents to:

Department of Family and Protective Services,
Attn: RMG (Y-937)
P.O. Box 149030
Austin, TX 78714-9030

Or, email the documents to DFPS Records Management.

If you have a copy of your driver license or other photo ID include only a copy of it. If you do not have a photo ID please call 877-764-7230.

Please note:

  • CPS records are confidential under state law. You can get a copy of most of the record that is about you. There are a few things we can't give out without a court order, such as who called us to start the investigation. See "More about Confidentiality Laws & Rules."
  • DFPS sends these types of personal records only through encrypted, secure email for your protection. In order to get, read, and reply to secure email, see the DFPS Email Encryption page on the DFPS website.
  • DFPS never charges former foster youth for a copy of their own records.
  • If you need help filling out the form or have other records questions, please call toll-free 1-877-764-7230 during business hours and we will help you.

Storing your Personal Documents

Are you looking for a way to store your personal and important documents AND access them anytime, anywhere the internet is available? Read below for more information about some of the more popular cloud storage (also called "cloud computing" or "the cloud") services that you can access in just 3 simple steps. These are only a few of the many cloud storage options you can choose from:

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Sign up for a Dropbox account for FREE and download Dropbox to your device (phone, iPad, tablet, desktop).
Step 3: Upload important documents saved on your device. To save a document you received in your email, just save it to your Dropbox.

Microsoft OneDrive
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Sign up for a Microsoft account for FREE. You will need a valid email address and phone number to enter the security code to make sure it's only YOU creating an account.
Step 3: Upload important documents from your device (phone, iPad, tablet, desktop). To save a document you received in your email, just save it to your Microsoft Onedrive.

Google Drive
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Click on the "Go to Google Drive" tab. If you have a Google account you can sign in. If not, no problem, just click on "create account" and create your Google account.
Step 3: Upload important documents from your device (phone, iPad, tablet, whatever). To save a document you received in your email, just save it to your Google Drive.

Still can’t decide? You may just want to pick one and go with it. But if you want to read more, or learn about even more cloud-storage options, try this article from CNET: OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive and Box: Which cloud storage service is right for you?