Meeting educational goals can be tough work, but it may open the door to more opportunities. It's never too late to continue your education. It doesn’t matter if you dropped out, got kicked out, or failed. You can continue where you left off.

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Finish High School or Get Your GED

Finding it difficult to complete high school and get your diploma? Need to get a GED? Don’t give up if you’re having a hard time. You might have more choices than you think you do. Did you know you can complete high school online? Do you know about all of the people you can reach out to for help to reach your education goals?

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Go to College

Need information on applying to college and paying for it? Want some recommendations on some of the better websites for researching colleges and how to apply to them? Do you know there is money just for you if you were in foster care, DFPS conservatorship, or adopted? Know how to avoid scams when it comes to financial aid?

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