Finish High School or Get Your GED

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Graduation Requirements

Ask your school counselor about your graduation plan, options to take college courses while in high school (dual-credit courses), and to find out if any extracurricular and volunteer opportunities are available to you.

Additional Help in High School

If you find some courses difficult to complete while in high school, be sure to talk with your teacher about tutoring and other resources to help you with your schoolwork, such as free websites like Khan Academy and many more.

If you are currently receiving Special Education services or 504 accommodations and have questions or concerns about services you receive, be sure to contact your caseworker, Education Specialist, or District Foster Care Liaisons. They, along with your caring adults, want to help and make sure you have the tools to finish your education.

Alternatives to Traditional High School

Are you having a difficult time in traditional high school and want other options to get your diploma? Talk with your high school counselor, caregiver, an Education Specialist, District Foster Care Liaisons, your caseworker, or another caring adult about other options to finish high school like an alternative high school or by obtaining your GED. Gather more information about the difference between a high school diploma and a GED, that way you will make the best decision for your goals in life.

Explore high school equivalency programs on the Texas Education Agency website, along with state graduation requirements.

Texas Virtual School Network allows you to take quality courses online.

The Bridge School is another education option to consider.