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Healthcare for Former Texas Foster Youth

NEW! Adolescent 2 Adult (a2A) Program:

To encourage foster young adults, between the ages of 18 - 21, to complete wellness visits, dental checkups and other health screenings in a timely manner, this program offers members upto $160 a year. To find out if this program is for you, click here.

Mobile App streamlines benefit application process - Your Texas Benefits

screen shot of your texs benefits on iphone The Your Texas Benefits app allows you to use your cell phone to send documents to the state when applying for SNAP food benefits, Medicaid, the Children's Health Insurance Program or TANF cash benefits.

You can upload the required documents, HHSC uses to verify that the person meets income and citizenship requirements for state programs, by using the app on your Android or Apple phone, or tablet .

The app guides clients through the process of taking pictures of the documents they need to submit – such as paycheck stubs and Social Security cards – then uploads them securely.

The Your Texas Benefits App is available in the iOS App Store(for iPhones) and the Google Play Store (for Android.)

You can use the website to apply for SNAP, Medicaid, CHIP or TANF.

As you become a young adult and make the transition from foster care to independent living, the government offers you several ways to help you keep your medical coverage and stay healthy.

The Former Foster Care Children program provides healthcare coverage to you when you turn age 18 and will be available through age 25.   You receive services in two separate healthcare programs based on age:

  • Young adults aged 18 through 20 are enrolled in STAR Health but can switch to STAR; and
  • Young adults aged 21 through 25 receive Medicaid through the STAR plan of their choice through the month of their 26th birthday.  

Ages 18 through 25 - Former Foster Care Children Program

For help applying for healthcare or assistance with locating providers, please call 2-1-1. To be eligible for this program, you must:

  • Be age 18 through 25;
  • Have been in Texas foster care on his or her 18th birthday or older;
  • Be receiving Medicaid when he or she aged out of Texas foster care; and
  • Be a US citizen or have a qualified alien status, such as a green card.

There are no income, asset, or educational requirements to qualify for this program.

Ages 18 through 20-Medicaid for Transitioning Foster Care Youth

Medicaid for Transitioning Foster Care Youth is available for former foster youth who are under the age of 21 and who are not eligible for the Former Foster Care Children program because you were not receiving Medicaid at the time you aged out of care.  If you are eligible for this program you will receive STAR Health.
To be eligible for this program, you must:

  • Be age 18 through 20;
  • Have been in Texas foster care on his or her 18th birthday or older;
  • Not have other health coverage;
  • Meet program rules for income; and
  • Be a US citizen or have a qualified alien status, such as a green card.

STAR Health and STAR Services

Detailed information about healthcare coverage for STAR Health and STAR member programs are available at:

  • STAR Health : Superior HealthPlan (Superior) works with the State of Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) as the exclusive provider of healthcare for STAR Health members throughout the state.
  • STAR : STAR is managed care Medicaid.
Address Change

*It is very important that you report any address changes within 10 days of knowing about the change.   You can report all changes or request help by contacting 2-1-1 or use

Questions about STAR Health and STAR Member Services

For questions about STAR Health or STAR Member Healthplans follow one of these steps:

  • Call one of the helpful numbers on the health plan or 1-800-964-2777
  • Call 2-1-1; or
  • Use the website

Well-being specialists are a STAR Health resource contact. You should also refer to the handout Medicaid coverage and help with benefits for Texans ages 18 to 25 who were in foster care

Medical Consent

When you were placed in foster care, the court or DFPS chose somebody to consent to, or agree with, medical decisions recommended by your doctor. When you turn 16, or if you were already 16 when you came into care, you have the right to request to make some or all of your own medical decisions. For more information, read:

Or, visit this web page in the CPS section of the DFPS website.

Finding Community Health Centers, Clinics, and Hospitals

Texas is a big state and there are several ways to find hospitals, health clinics, and community health centers wherever you live.

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