Race, Ethnicity, Spirituality, and Identity

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What is identity?

Everyone has their own unique identity. It makes up who you are and includes your values, beliefs, personality, race, ethnicity, culture, gender, religion, and spirituality. Our sense of self-identity contributes to the choices we make, our self-esteem, and the roles we play in life. While we don't want to stress over defining our identity, it can be helpful to explore it.

Race and Ethnicity

While our race is based on our biology and physical characteristics, ethnicity is linked to how we express our culture and sense of identity. Development of ethnic identity is a major part of a young adult’s development process. For former foster youth who have been separated from their biological families, this process can be much more complex. The following resources are some starting points to help you explore your personal identity and support you on your journey:


Spirituality is another area of identity you may want to explore. It involves personal transformation and psychological growth. The idea of spirituality is that you find a meaningful connection with something bigger than yourself. The resources below are good starting points to help you to understand spirituality and what it may mean to you: