Explore Your Job Choices

Provided by Workforce Solutions Capital Area

Sometimes, you just need a job. Any job. But exploring what you might like to do or be good at can lead to both you and your employer being happier in the end.

Texas Career Check has ways to explore careers and take an “interest profiler” on what you like and don’t like. The website will then give you suggestions on jobs that you might like. Everyone has different talents and skills, so find what the best career field will be for you. Make sure you read what skills and education are needed to work in your specific career choice and take the necessary steps to reach your career goal. My Next Move is a similar type of site.


One thing you can do now is VOLUNTEER, VOLUNTEER, and VOLUNTEER in a field that interests you. Volunteering is a great way to gain work experience and make important career choices. Try the Volunteer.gov site for ideas.

Are You in Special Education in High School?

The Texas Transition and Employment Guide is for you, the student in Texas public schools, who may have received special education services due to a disability. It also provides helpful information for your parents or foster parents. This guide has steps you and your parents or foster parents can take to make sure you are able to find the right work or educational choices for you after high school. It also tells you where to get the services you will need.

How Much Money do You Need?

Consider how much money you will need to pay your living expenses. Texas Reality Check can help with a Lifestyle Calculator.

Finding Jobs

When it comes to looking for a job in Texas, be sure to ask your support system for resources. You can also contact your local Texas Workforce Solutions offices for assistance with job searching, job readiness, career counseling, training opportunities, and so much more. Try the TWC online job matching system, WorkInTexas.com, to search for jobs, create a résumé and submit applications for employment.

Consider the U.S. Military

If you are interested in the military, speak to your local military recruiter. U.S. Military.com lists recruiters in your area and other information about joining the military.

What is Employment Preference for Former Foster Youth?

State agencies are required to give an employment preference to former foster youth who aged out of Texas DFPS when they are considered for state jobs over other equally qualified applicants for the same position. The employment preference ends when the young adult turns age 26. To request the employment preference letter, contact your PAL Staff or Youth Specialist.