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Personal Documents and Your CPS Records

picture of social security card

These days, records are important. It's much harder to get anything "official" done without them. While in foster care, when you turned age 16, your caseworker provided you with original personal documents, such as your birth certificate, social security card, and a Texas identification card. Again just before you turned age 18, you were given copies of your personal documents. Your caseworker made you sign for these documents each time you received them.

How do I request original documents?

If you lost or cannot locate your original documents you must contact the agencies responsible for issuing original documents to make a request.  Below is information and links for the different records you can request:

  • Birth Certificate - Learn how to get a certified copy of your birth certificate from the Texas Department of State Health Services.
  • Driver's License - Learn how to get a state issued license or ID card from the Texas Department of Public Safety.
  • Social Security Card - Learn how to get a new or replacement Social Security card from The Social Security Administration.

How do I get a copy of my CPS case record?

If you cannot locate your personal documents you may request copies from CPS. To request a copy of your personal documents or your CPS case record, fill out a Form 4884 and send it to DFPS.  In some instances the CPS case record may include original personal documents which will be provided at the time of the request.

If you have questions about the form for requesting copies of personal documents,case records or any other records issues, please send an email to Records.Management@DFPS.STATE.TX.US.

You may also call us during business hours at 512-929-6764 or toll free at 877‐764‐7230.

Send the completed form and all required documents to:

Department of Family and Protective Services, Attn: RMG (Y-937)
P.O. Box 149030
Austin, TX 78714-9030


Email to Records.Management@DFPS.STATE.TX.US.  If you have a copy of your driver license or other photo ID include only a copy of it.   If you do not have a photo ID please call 877-764-7230.

Please note:

  • CPS records are confidential under state law. You can get a copy of most of the record that is about you. There are a few things we can't give out without a court order, such as who called us to start the investigation. See "Additional Information Regarding Confidentiality Laws & Statutes."
  • DFPS never charges former foster youth for a copy of their own records.
  • If you need help filling out the form or have other records questions, please call toll-free 1-877-764-7230 during business hours and we will help you.

Establishing A Secure Email Account to Receive Encrypted Personal Documents from DFPS

Creating an Microsoft Account
Young adults can only read and reply to encrypted emails from DFPS if they have a Microsoft account. Any email address can be used to create a Microsoft account. Both GMAIL Account and Yahoo provide lots of storage and powerful spam and security protections. 

To learn how to create an Microsoft account, click Creating A New Microsoft Account - for DFPS Email Encryption and follow the instructions. Once the account is set up the young adult is ready to receive encrypted personal documents from DFPS to their personal email account where it can reside and be saved to the young adult's personal files for future use.  To access encrypted messages from DFPS:  

  1. The recipient will receive a message with an attachment.
  2. Once the attachment is opened, the recipient will be directed to a website to enter to verify an email address and enter a password.

Note: The recipient will be asked to create an account, when logging in for the first time. Once logged in, the secure message will display in the recipient's web browser. The recipient can read, reply, or forward the message.  DFPS can only send encrypted documents through an MS account.

Want to Register to Vote?

  • How to Register and Vote - From the U.S. Congress
  • - Knowledge is power! Make your vote count by learning about the voting process in Texas, including voter registration and key voting days.
  • Rock the Vote - Rock the Vote engages youth in the political process by incorporating the entertainment community and youth culture into its activities. From actors to musicians, comedians to athletes, Rock the Vote harnesses cutting-edge trends and pop culture to make political participation cool. Rock the Vote mobilizes young people to create positive social and political change in their lives and communities.
  • Youth Activitism Project - a non-partisan organization to encourage young people to speak up and pursue lasting solutions to problems they care deeply about.

Identity Theft: Reduce Your Risk of Becoming a Victim

Up to 9 million Americans have their identities stolen each year. Although nothing can guarantee that you won't become a victim, there are things you can do to help minimize your risk, including:

  • Guarding your Social Security number.
  • Shredding documents with personal information before disposing of them.
  • Using intricate passwords.
  • Verifying a source before sharing any personal information.
  • Being on the lookout for online scammers and thieves.
  • Keeping your purse, wallet, and personal information secure.

The best way to detect identity theft is to monitor your accounts and bank statements each month and check your credit report regularly. Learn more about how to detect identity theft.

If you discover that you are a victim of identity theft, take steps to respond and recover as soon as possible. You can find forms, sample letters, and other tools from the Federal Trade Commission. 

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