Healthy Relationships

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What Does a Healthy Relationship Look Like?

Signs that you are in a healthy relationship include feelings of trust, respect, honesty, independence, equality, and kindness. Disagreements can be discussed openly and freely without nasty put downs or using physical force.

If you are uncertain if your relationship is healthy, read about the signs of an abusive relationship, which can include feeling isolated, manipulated, or threatened.

For even more information on staying safe in relationships and forming healthy relationships and friendships, check out the resources at, which apply equally to everyone.


Bullies try to make you feel small, weak, hurt, humiliated, afraid, and helpless. Unfortunately, some youth are easily bullied for various reasons — because they look different, they’re not with the “in” crowd, or just because they look like an easy target that won’t fight back.

What is bullying and what do you do about it?
Find out about the different types of bullying, how to prevent it, respond to it, and get help at

Are you being bullied on social media?
You can report it and get help. Learn how on

Sexual Violence and Date Rape

Sexual violence affects millions of Americans, and younger people are at the highest risk for sexual violence. Furthermore, half of the people who experience rape, know the person who attacked them.

What is date rape?
Date rape is forced sex that can happen on a date (but also somewhere like a party) with someone the victim may know, like, or even be interested in. Sometimes the attacker uses a date rape drug to alter their victim's awareness. It is important to be aware of date rape drugs, the signs that one has been used, and how to protect yourself. Check out the following resources:

Talk to Someone

If you think you’re in an abusive relationship or have a friend who is, consider talking to someone about it. The following advocate agencies and hotlines are free, confidential, and available 24/7.