Pregnancy and Parenting

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Take care of Yourself and Your Baby

Being a good parent means having a healthy relationship with yourself and your baby. Pregnancy and parenting are new life chapters that can be challenging for anyone. For a young adult who is also transitioning out of foster care, pregnancy and parenting challenges can be considerably more. The resources on this page are dedicated to supporting you and your child's well-being.


Get support

Visit Healthy Texas Babies to learn how to navigate your health benefits, plan for a healthy pregnancy and delivery, and take charge of your health. Also be sure to check out  Services for Moms and Moms-to-Be.

Plan for your baby's well-being

Pregnancy and infancy are critical times of development and growth for your baby. Learn about your baby's development, addressing stress while pregnant and parenting, prenatal care, and building a positive relationship with your child in this article: Ensuring a Healthy Pregnancy and Newborn.

Interested in receiving free health and safety text messages throughout your pregnancy and the first year of your baby's life? Visit to sign up!


Parenting Tips

From baby proofing to car safety to schedules, provides advice for children of all ages from experts working with children and families in both English and Spanish. Also check out the videos on the Get Parenting Tips YouTube channel.

Help for Dads

If you are a Dad and trying to make sense of pregnancy, what to do, and where to start, the Father’s Playbook app is here to help. Visit to download the app.

Talk to someone

Being a parent is an important job, and it’s not always easy. Call the National Parent Helpline (1-855-4A PARENT or 1-855-427-2736) to receive support and become a stronger parent. Or visit them online at

Get local support - find local programs that are specifically designed to strengthen your family.