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Foster/Adopt Information Meetings

Texas Map divided by  DFPS Regions 1 - Northwest District 2 - Northwest District 3 - Arlington District 4 - East Central District 5 - East Central District 7 - East Central District 6 - Houston District 8 - South Texas District 11 - South Texas District 9 - Northwest District 10 - Northwest District

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Information Meeting ScheduleThere is no charge to attend a foster/adopt information meeting in your area, and you do not have to make a reservation. The foster care and adoption information meetings are open to the public.

To view the schedule of information meetings in your area, local contacts, events, and statistics, either click on the Texas area you live in (see map) or select your Texas county from the pull-down menu.

Not a Texas Resident? Visit your State Adoption Website for information on how to start the process to become a foster or adoptive family. Texas can only place children with families from other states if they have a current home study. You may also visit the national website at

Note: U.S. families approved to adopt within their state and who have a current home study may fill out the interest form directly on the child's photo/profile page within Child Search.

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