Child Protective Services Handbook Revision October 2009

This revision of the Child Protective Services Handbook was published on October 1, 2009. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below. See:

Medical Assistance Only Auto-Eligibility

Records Retention in IMPACT

Adoption Assistance and Transfer of PMC

Sensitive Cases

Medical Assistance Only Auto-Eligibility (PATS 2522)

The Medical Assistance Only policy provides Medicaid coverage to all children in DFPS conservatorship. The handbook is updated to provide instructions for foster care eligibility workers on how to incorporate the new policy with their current eligibility application and reviews.

This policy has been fully implemented, with the issuance to CPS staff of:

PSA 06-012 on 9/26/2005

PSA 06-036 on 12/14/2005

PSA 06-049 on 2/3/2006

PSA 07-031 on 11/9/2006

PSA 07-037 on 11/22/2006

PSA 07-044 on 12/6/2006

PSA 07-050 on 12/11/2006

PSA 07-057 on 12/20/2006

PSA 07-132 on 5/17/2007

PSA 07-140 on 6/28/2007

PSA 07-155 on 8/13/2007

PSA 08-053 on 1/10/2008

PSA 08-064 on 2/13/2008

PSA 08-068 on 2/28/2008

PSA 08-087 on 4/1/2008


1541 Foster Care Assistance Application and Review Policies

1541.1 Unknown Family Income on the Foster Care Assistance Application

1541.2 Zero Family Income on the Foster Care Assistance Application

1541.3 Notifications to SSA and Use of the Wire Third Party Query (WTPY) System

1541.4 Obtaining Certified Birth Certificates or Screen-Printing Birth Records

1542.3 Additional Eligibility Requirements for MAO Foster Care

1542.31 Medical Coverage for Children in Foster Care

1542.32 Medical Assistance Only (MAO) Auto-Eligibility

1542.33 MAO Coverage for Children Placed in Kinship, Relative, or Own Home Placement

1542.34 MAO Coverage for Children in Adoptive Placements

1542.35 MAO Coverage for Children in Texas Juvenile Probation Commission (TJPC) or Texas Youth Commission (TYC) Placements

1544 Medicaid for Transitioning Foster Care Youth (MTFCY)

Appendix 1540-A: Procedures for Issuing HHSC Form 1027-A

Appendix 1541.3: Requesting Wire Third Party Query (WTPY) System Access

Appendix 1542.1: Acceptable U.S. Citizenship Verification Documents

Appendix 1542.3: MAO Auto-Eligibility

A cross-reference to a retitled item has been updated in:

1554.1 Eighteen-Year-Olds in Voluntary Foster Care: Signing over SSI and RSDI Benefits

Records Retention in IMPACT (PATS 2112)

The items below are revised to reflect records retention policies and their affect on the IMPACT case management system. See:

1473 Retaining Records for Cases That Are Closed After Investigation

1473.1 Retaining Records When Abuse and Neglect Are Ruled Out, No Risk Is Indicated, and No Service is Authorized

1473.2 Retaining Records When Abuse and Neglect Are Ruled Out, No-Risk Is Indicated, and Services Are Authorized

1473.3 Retaining Records When Abuse and Neglect Are Ruled Out and Risk is Indicated

1473.4 Retaining Records When the Disposition Is Reason to Believe, Unable to Determine, or Unable to Complete

1474 Retaining the Records for Cases That Do Not Involve Abuse, Neglect, or Conservatorship

1474.1 Retaining Records When the Intake Report Is Closed and the Case Is Not Assigned for Investigation

1474.2 Retaining Records When the Investigation Is Closed Administratively Without a Service Authorization

1474.3 Retaining Records When the Investigation Is Closed Administratively With a Service Authorization

1474.4 Retaining Records for Casework-Related Special Request

Adoption Assistance and Transfer of PMC (PATS 1762)

The items below are added or revised to clarify that the affect on a child's eligibility for adoption assistance must be considered when deciding whether to choose transfer of conservatorship as the child's permanency plan.

CPS staff were informed of this policy with the issuance of:

  ·  PSA 07-045 on December 6, 2006, and

  ·  PSA 06-086 on May 5, 2006.


1564.4 When Regular Adoption Assistance Is Not Available (Transferring Permanent Managing Conservatorship)

6221.2 Issues to Consider When Selecting a Permanency Goal

6221.21 Assessing a Child's Needs When Selecting a Permanency Goal

6221.22 Listing Permanency Goals by Priority

6221.23 Considering Factors That Affect the Choice of Goals

6221.24 Determining the Appropriateness of a Goal

6221.25 Selecting the Permanency Goal

Sensitive Cases (PATS 2637)

The item below is revised to include two additional types of cases that must be designated as sensitive:

  ·  Cases involving a victim of family violence who is protected by the Office of the Attorney General's (OAG) Address Confidentiality Program (the case file for the victim lists an OAG telephone number in place of the victim's address)

  ·  Cases involving minors who want or have had an abortion

See 2413 Other Definitions.