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DFPS is required to do background checks to see if a person has a criminal history, or abuse and neglect history, that might be a risk to the health and safety of children, elderly, or people with disabilities. Background checks are required for:

  • Daycare providers (CCL)
  • Residential Child Care providers (RCCL)
  • Purchased Client Services (PCS)
  • Foster and adoptive homes
  • Relatives who are taking care of children in state custody (Kinship Care)
  • DFPS staff
  • Authorized volunteer organizations and individual volunteers

DFPS also will conduct an abuse and neglect history background check for anyone in the general public who submits a notarized Request for Child Abuse/Neglect Central Registry Check.

About FBI Fingerprinting and Background Checks

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Our goals are to:

  • Provide timely background check results.
  • Establish consistency across DFPS background check policies as it applies to background check decision making.
  • Develop staff members who specialize in risk assessments and decision making on background checks.
  • Provide excellent customer service to internal and external stakeholders.