DFPS holds public meetings to get input on DFPS programs and initiatives. These forums are open to everyone. Click on the links below to get information about upcoming meetings or updates on past meetings.

HHS Executive Council Meetings

As part of HHS Transformation, the DFPS Advisory Council was discontinued. As of September 1, 2016, the HHSC Executive Council will seek and obtain public input on all HHS rules, including those pertaining to DFPS.

HHSC Executive Council | Proposed Rule Changes | DFPS Council Archives

Advisory Committee Meetings

DFPS maintains several advisory committees to get feedback, study important issues, and develop new ways to better serve the vulnerable citizens of Texas. These committees meet on a regular basis. [Advisory Committee Meeting details]

Stakeholder Meetings

DFPS holds stakeholder forums periodically during the year and each highlights one or two projects or initiatives. [Stakeholder Meeting details]

Adoption and Foster Care Meetings

There is no charge to attend a foster or adopt information meeting in your area, and you do not have to make a reservation. The foster care and adoption information meetings are open to the public. [Adoption and Foster Care Meeting details].