The mission of DFPS and the goals of our programs are supported through a wide variety of contracted goods and services. The Procurement and Contracting Services (HHSC-PCS) division of the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) purchases goods and services for direct DFPS client use or benefit and for DFPS support services. Within DFPS, purchased client services are defined as the services provided by outside entities under contract.


The purpose of these policies is to provide clear guidance to DFPS staff who perform functions related to the purchase of goods and services and resulting contracts.


The DFPS Contracting Policies serve as a central organizational framework for DFPS contracting. The policies provide guidance to both client services and administrative contracts.

The functions described include planning for services, procurement, contracting, contract administration, contract monitoring, and resolution of contracting issues.

DFPS divisions responsible for contracting functions include:

Chapter 1:  Overview

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Handbook Page Last Revision Date
Contract Handbook Introduction September 7, 2018
Contract Oversight and Support (COS) September 7, 2018
Contract Divisions September 7, 2018
Open Records Request N/A
Contracting Systems: IMPACT, CAPPS Financials, SCOR September 7, 2018
Contract Manager Responsibilities September 7, 2018
Contract Manager Required Trainings September 7, 2018
Contract Manager Conflict of Interest Requirements September 7, 2018
Certified Texas Contract Manager (CTCM) September 7, 2018
Ethics for Agency Staff Involved in Contracting September 7, 2018
Vendor Engagement September 7, 2018

Chapter 2: Procurement Planning

Handbook Page Last Revision Date
Procurement Planning October 15, 2018
Determination of Need October 15, 2018
Determination of Contracting Relationship October 15, 2018
Statement of Work October 15, 2018
Performance Measures for Purchased Client Service Contracts October 15, 2018
Contract Insurance Requirements October 15, 2018
Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs) N/A

Chapter 3: Contract Development and Execution

Handbook Page Last Revision Date
Required Checks September 7, 2018
Legal Entities that May Contract with DFPS September 7, 2018
Business Entities Using Assumed Names (DBAs) September 7, 2018
Debarred, Divested, or Excluded Parties September 7, 2018
Vendor Hold September 7, 2018
Vendor Performance Tracking Search September 7, 2018
Franchise Tax Account Status September 7, 2018
Disclosure of Interested Parties September 7, 2018
Payment Type Requirements September 7, 2018
Subcontracts September 7, 2018
Internal Control Structure Questionnaire (ICSQ) September 14, 2015
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Pending Changes
Electronically Transmitted Contract Documents and Electronic Signatures September 7, 2018

Chapter 4: Contract Management

Handbook Page Last Revision Date
Contract Management September 7, 2018
Managing Major Information Technology Projects September 7, 2018
Performance Based Contracts September 7, 2018
Subcontracting Responsibilties September 7, 2018
Management of Contract Records September 7, 2018
Allowable Costs September 7, 2018
Miscellaneous Claims September 7, 2018
Recipient/Subrecipient Management September 7, 2018
Single Audit Requirements September 7, 2018
Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA) September 7, 2018
Risk Management September 7, 2018
Risk Assessment Instrument (RAI) September 7, 2018
Contractor Noncompliance and Contract Remedies September 7, 2018
Contract Dispute Resolution September 7, 2018
Contract Amendments September 7, 2018
Amendment Renewal September 7, 2018

Chapter 5: Contract Monitoring

Handbook Page Last Revision Date
Contract Monitoring and Oversight pending changes
Statewide Monitoring Plan (SMP) pending changes
Performance Based Monitoring pending changes

Chapter 6: Contract Termination and Closeout

Handbook Page Last Revision Date
Contract Termination September 7, 2018
Contract Closeout September 7, 2018
Disposition of Equipment Valued Over $5,000 September 7, 2018
Vendor Performance Reporting September 7, 2018