PACES Resources

Purchased Client Services is launching a new online application, the Performance Assessment Compliance Evaluation System (PACES), to help capture and evaluate quarterly Residential Child Care (RCC) contract monitoring data.

Coming soon! Your direct link to the new PACES application.


2020 Timeframe Activity
January - March PACES application updates to enhance the user experience.
February - March RCMs reach out to RCC Provider points of contact to identify members of their organizations that will use the application beginning with Q2 FY2020
Mid March PACES will be configured with Providers’ user information
Late March Providers will receive detailed timelines for training and Q/A session(s)
Early April PACES training for Providers in preparation for Q2 monitor activities
Early April PACES users will receive updated User Guides and Instructions on “first time use” of PACES – includes details on logging into system
Mid April Start of Q2 FY2020 monitor activities