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Adult Protective Services (APS), Child Care Licensing (CCL), and Child Protective Services (CPS) case records are confidential by law. DFPS complies with all laws and rules on the release of confidential case records. This includes who is and is not entitled to certain information and whether some information must be redacted (removed) from the record before it is released.

If the case record you are seeking exists and you are entitled to it, then we will review and redact it to ensure its release complies with applicable laws and rules. The review process usually includes removing specific personal and identifying information. However, members of law enforcement agencies and certain other entities can get case records without review and redaction.

DFPS strives to provide excellent customer support. Due to the large volume of requests received, it may take some time to complete your request.

Requesting Confidential Case Records

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More about Confidentiality Laws and Rules

DFPS case records are confidential by law and can only be released to specific people based on their role in a case. Generally, you have to have been directly involved in the case and the case must be closed to get a copy of a DFPS case record