Authority/Reference(s) State of Texas Procurement and Contract Management Guide; Texas Government Code §2262.056; Texas Government Code §2054.1181(j)Texas Government Code §2054.003(10); Texas Government Code §2054.159State of Texas ProcureTexas 86th Legislature General Appropriations Act Article IX Section 9.01
Revision Date September 1, 2019


DFPS contract staff must be aware of additional requirements and oversight activities associated with Major Information Resource Project (MIRP) contracts. 

Contract management responsibilities specific to MIRP contracts include:

  • Enhanced VPTS and other reporting requirements;
  • Additional contract monitoring or oversight activities;
  • Responding to Quality Assurance Team (QAT) requests.

Department of Information Resources (DIR) maintains information regarding the Project Delivery Framework. The process for initiating, monitoring, completing and submitting deliverables to QAT is available through the Project Delivery Framework

Responding to QAT Requests

QAT may request a report from DFPS to include verification and validation, as well as, monitoring or quality assurance documentation. The report and any supporting documentation is due to QAT no later than the 10th day after DFPS receives the request.

Amending MIRP Contracts 

When amending a MIRP by a value of 10% or more of the total value of the initial contract, contract staff must prepare documentation for submission to:

  • The Governor
  • Lieutenant Governor
  • Speaker of the House
  • Senate Finance Committee
  • House Appropriations Committee
  • QAT

A MIRP may not be amended if the contract is 10% over the initial contract value or total value subsequent to the amendment unless:

  • A cost-benefit analysis is performed by DFPS,
  • The analysis is submitted to the QAT, and
  • QAT provides written approval.

For detailed information on completing an amendment see, 4.9 Contract Amendments.

Vendors awarded a service contract by DFPS may not assign the vendor’s rights to a third party unless the assignment is approved in writing by the DFPS signature authority. At least 14 days before DFPS rejects or approves a vendor’s assignment request, DFPS must notify the Legislative Budget Board of the assignment request if the assignment involves a contract for a major information resource project or involves storing, receiving, processing, transmitting, disposing of, or accessing sensitive personal information in a foreign country.When DFPS receives a request from a vendor for an MIRP Service Contract to assign rights, the request must be sent to DFPS Legal Contracts, within two business days of receiving the request.