Child Protective Services Handbook Revision

This revision of the Child Protective Services Handbook was published on January 15, 2010. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

Children's Income Accounts

CPS Youth Placed in TYC Facilities

Children's Income Accounts (PATS 2862)

The items below are revised or added to provide guidance on children's income account (CIA) procedures. Staff were informed of these policies with the issuance of the following Protective Services Action (PSA) memos:

06-088 ‑ 5/18/2006 Children's Income Accounting: Citibank Security

07-029 ‑ 10/30/2006 Children's Income Accounting: IMPACT Data for Children's Income

08-084 ‑ 3/21/2008 Children’s Income Accounting: Processing Prior Period Adjustments

09-002 ‑ 9/2/2008 Handling Deceased Children's Income

09-003 ‑ 9/2/2008 Outstanding Checks and Deposits From Children's Income Account

09-095‑ 6/15/2009 Children's Income Accounts


1340 Management of Children's Funds

1341 Accounting Procedures for Children's Funds

1342 Managing Children's Income Accounts (CIA)

1342.1 Prior-Period Adjustment (PPA) Invoice Processing for Children with Income

1342.2 Handling Deceased Children's Income

1343 Establishing, Transferring, and Closing Children's Savings Accounts

1344 Duties of Accounts Receivable (AR) Staff

1344.1 Manual Receipt of Funds by Accounts Receivable (AR) Staff

1344.2 Receivables Procedures for Accounts Receivable (AR) Staff

1344.3 Reconciliation Requirements for Accounts Receivable (AR) Staff

1345 Duties of Accounts Payable (AP) Staff

1346 Duties of Accounting Supervisor

1346.1 Procedures for Reviewing Information and Reports

1346.2 Reconciliation Responsibilities of Accounting Supervisor

1346.3 Annual Reconciliation for Each Client

1346.4 Reconciliation of Child's Income at Discharge

1346.5 Reconciliation of Discrepancies

1346.6 Reconciliation of Child's Income at Death

1347 Records Retention Requirements for Transactions Involving Children's Funds

1350 Audits

1351 Audit Recommendations

Appendix 1342.1: Prior-Period Adjustment (PPA) Invoice Processing for Children With Income

Appendix 3443-A: Setting Up Savings Accounts

Appendix 1344.1A: Manual Receipt of Funds

Appendix 1344.3A: Outstanding Items Procedures

The appendices below are deleted, replaced by those listed above:

Appendix 1340-A: Managing Children's Income — Overview of Accounting Process

Appendix 1340-B: Electronic Banking Instructions

1351 Adjustments to Foster Care Assistance Payments is deleted. Audit Recommendations is renumbered from 1352 to 1351.

CPS Youth Placed in TYC Facilities (PATS 2942)

Item 6577.2 is added to explain the actions CPS caseworkers take when youth in DFPS conservatorship are placed:

  ·  in facilities operated by the Texas Youth Commission (TYC);

  ·  in other TYC-contracted placements; or

  ·  on TYC parole.

CPS staff were informed of this policy on June 15, 2009, through the issuance of PSA 09-098.

Item 6577 has been renumbered as 6577.1 to accommodate the new item.


6577 CPS Youth and Juvenile Justice

6577.1 Reporting Juvenile Offenses to Law Enforcement

6577.2 When a Youth Is in TYC Custody or on TYC Parole

6577.21 General Procedures When Youth Are Committed to the TYC

6577.22 Documenting in IMPACT Actions Related to Youth Committed to the TYC

6577.23 Providing Medical Care to Youth in TYC Custody or on TYC Parole

6577.24 Meeting and Consulting With TYC Staff

6577.25 Providing Other Services to Youth in TYC Custody or on TYC Parole

6577.26 Addressing Other TYC-Related Issues