Child Protective Services Handbook Revision November 2011

This revision of the Child Protective Services Handbook was published on November 1, 2011. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

Enhanced Adoption Assistance

Youth Who Are Pregnant

When a Child is Abandoned in a DADS Facility

Completing the Guide Topics in IMPACT for an Adoption Services Plan

Documentation to Complete When a Child Dies

Enhanced Adoption Assistance (PATS 4148)

Enhanced Adoption Assistance is provided only to the children for whom it is intended in legislation. These are children who would otherwise have been expected to remain in foster care through age 18.

DFPS began implementing Enhanced Adoption Assistance on January 1, 2009, with the issuance of the following PSAs:

09-019 10/20/08

09-035 12/1/08

09-038 12/15/08

11-008 9/7/10

The items below are added to:

  •   eliminate discretion to waive extensive adoption recruitment efforts;

  •   clarify the types of recruitment efforts that must be attempted before a child is eligible for Enhanced Adoption Assistance; and

  •   clarify that prospective adoptive parents who indicate their willingness to adopt without Enhanced Adoption Assistance will not be eligible for this benefit.


1574 Enhanced Adoption Assistance

1574.1 Definition of Enhanced Adoption Assistance

1574.2 Eligibility Requirements for Enhanced Adoption Assistance

1574.3 Proceeding With Adoptive Placements in a Timely Manner

1574.4 Approval Process for Enhanced Adoption Assistance

1574.41 Regional Approval Process

1574.42 State Office Approval Process

1574.43 Approvals and Notification to Family

1574.44 Summary of Forms

1574.5 Negotiation for Enhanced Adoption Assistance and Placement

1574.6 Authorization of Payments for Enhanced Adoption Assistance

1574.7 Denials of Enhanced Adoption Assistance

1574.8 Deferred Agreements for Enhanced Adoption Assistance

1574.9 Appeals and Fair Hearings

Youth Who Are Pregnant (PATS 4177)

Within seven days of admitting a child who is pregnant, or within seven days of learning that a child is pregnant, the caseworker must inform the child that she has the right to the following:

  •  To be free from pressure to get an abortion

  •  To relinquish her child for adoption

  •  To parent her child

Minimum Standards for Child-Placing Agencies, 40 TAC §749.1861(3)


10620 When a Youth Is Pregnant

10621 The DFPS Requirement to Inform Parents and Caregivers About Abortion-Related Information

10622 When a Physician May Perform an Abortion on a Youth in Conservatorship

10623 When DFPS Is Appointed as Guardian Ad Litem for a Youth Who Has Applied for Judicial Bypass

10624 Documenting Abortion-Related Information for Youth in Conservatorship

A cross-reference is updated in the item below to reflect this revision. See:

2394.51 Assisting the Minor in Applying for Judicial Bypass

When a Child is Abandoned in a DADS Facility (PATS 4542)

The item below is added to provide guidance on how referrals concerning children abandoned in long term care facilities must be received, assessed, and processed. See:

2148 When a Child is Abandoned in a DADS Facility

Completing the Guide Topics in IMPACT for an Adoption Services Plan (PATS 4772)

The items below are revised to explain how to complete the guide topics for an adoption services plan in the Child Plan Guide Topics section of IMPACT. See:

6851 Supporting the Adoptive Placement

6581.1 Developing an Adoption Services Plan

Documentation to Complete When a Child Dies (PATS 4778)

The item below is revised to include the documentation requirement that the end placement date is the date the child died. See:

6573.3 Other Tasks Required When a Child Dies While in Substitute Care