Child Protective Services

Handbook Revision, July 2014

This revision of the Child Protective Services Handbook was published on July 2, 2014. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

Consent to Enter a Residence


Consent to Enter a Residence (PATS 6922)

The items below are revised or added to provide:

  •   guidance to caseworkers on how to determine if they can use a child's consent to enter a home and conduct a home visit; and

  •   direction on documenting the decision to use the child's consent within 24 hours.

CPS staff were informed of this policy with the issuance of PSA 14-006 on 9/16/2013.


2351.2 Who Has the Authority to Give Consent to Enter the Home

2351.21 Determining Whether a Child Has the Capacity to Give Consent

2351.22 Concerns About Child Safety

Confidentiality (PATS 5177)

Section 1450 Confidentiality of Information and its sub-items are replaced in their entirety to reflect current policy.

The policy is being updated to bring it into conformance with current law and rule, and to provide more clarity regarding what information regarding a child may be shared with the specified individuals or entities in accordance with law.


1450 Confidentiality of Information

1451 Sharing Confidential Information

1452 Statutory Overview

1453 Requests for Case Records

1454 Releasing Information for the Safety or Protection of a Child or Family, or for Legal Processes

1454.1 Sharing Information During the Course of an Investigation

1454.2 Releasing Information to Locate Missing Parents or Children

1454.3 General Prohibition Against the Release of Criminal History Records Information

1454.31 Exception Allowing Release: Court and Administrative Hearings

1454.32 Exception Allowing Release: Worker Release to Carry Out Certain DFPS Functions

1454.33 Releasing Information for the Child’s Safety

1454.34 Criminal History Information Policy

1454.35 Texas Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (TLETS)

1454.4 Releasing Information to Law Enforcement Agencies, Out-of-State Child Protective Services Agencies, and County, District, or Prosecuting Attorneys

1454.41 Information About an Open Case

1454.42 Information About Criminal Activity at Any Case Stage

1454.43 Closed Case Records

1454.5 Releasing Information to the Family Court, or to Comply With a Court Order

1454.6 Releasing Information to Court-Appointed Attorneys and Guardians Ad Litem

1454.7 Sharing Information With Court-Appointed Special Advocates Staff and Volunteers

1454.8 Protecting Locating Information of Family Violence Victims

1455 Releasing Information to Obtain Services for the Child

1455.1 Releasing Information to the Caregiver of a Child in Conservatorship

1455.2 Releasing Information During Family Meetings

1455.3 Releasing Information to Access Health Care or Social Services

1455.31 Releasing Information on a Child Not in DFPS Conservatorship

1455.32 Releasing Information on a Child in Conservatorship

1455.4 Releasing Information to Access Education Services

1455.41 Releasing Information on a Child Not in DFPS Conservatorship

1455.42 Releasing Information on a Child in Conservatorship

1455.5 Releasing Information to Prospective Adoptive or Adoptive Parents

1455.6 Sharing Information with Juvenile Service Providers

1455.7 Sharing Information with Local Juvenile Probation Departments

1456 Releasing or Using Children’s Photographs or Images

1456.1 DFPS and the Child’s Consent Required

1456.11 Exception When Only the Child’s Consent Is Required

1456.12 Exception When the Child’s Consent Is Not Required

1457 Special Types of Information or Situations

1457.1 Release of Information on a Child Fatality Investigation

1457.2 Abortion Information

1457.21 Releasing Abortion Information on a Child Not in DFPS Conservatorship

1457.22 Releasing Abortion Information on a Child in Conservatorship

1457.3 HIV Information

1457.4 Drug or Alcohol Treatment Records Pertaining to a Child

1457.5 Privileged Communications

1457.6 Disability Rights Texas

1457.7 Releasing Information to Military Personnel

1457.8 Media Inquiries or Requests from Legislative Offices

1458 Subpoenas

1459 Public Information (Open Records)

Cross-references were redirected in:

1432.6 Confidentiality and Release of Family Tree Reports

10133.51 Accessing the Basic Family Tree Report

2798 Investigating Reports of Abuse or Neglect on Military Bases

6943 Completing the Placement

2490 When People Request Copies of Case Records