Child Protective Services

Handbook Revision, November 2014

This revision of the Child Protective Services Handbook was published on November 3, 2014. Summaries of new or revised items are provided below.

Third-Party Resources and For Medical Services (PATS 7447)

The items below are being revised to update the description of how staff use Third Party Resources for medical claims. See:

1579 Third Party Resources for Medical Care Services

1579.1 Third Party Payors

1579.2 Reporting Third Party Payors

Investigating the Death of a Child (PATS 6917)

The following items are revised to reflect improvements made to the process for investigating and reviewing the death of a child when the death is caused by abuse or neglect. The intent is to ensure that investigations and reviews are consistent, supportive, and transparent.

The changes are the result of a review that the DFPS Internal Audit Division conducted in August 2013.

CPS staff were informed of this policy with the issuance of PSA 14-059 on March 3, 2014.

The changes include:

  •   revising Form 2701 Notification of Child Death;

  •   merging the meetings of the Quick Response Team and the Regional Quick Response Team and adjusting the timeframes for the meetings;

  •   publishing a protocol guidebook; and

  •   providing further guidance on and timeframes for the process followed by the Disposition Review Team


2710 When a Child Dies

2711 Sending Notifications When a Child Dies

2711.1 Notifying the Medical Examiner or Justice of the Peace When a Child Dies

2712 Releasing Information About an Investigation Into the Death of a Child

2712.1 Information Required to be Released Before the Investigation Is Complete

2712.2 Time Frame for Releasing Information If the Death Resulted From Abuse or Neglect

2712.3 Information Released If the Death Resulted From Abuse or Neglect

2712.4 Legal Review of Information to be Released

2713 Regional Responsibility to Review Cases of Child Death

2713.1 Establishing a Protocol in Each Region for Reviewing Cases That Involve a Child's Death

2713.2 The Regional Child Death Review Committee

2713.21 The Purpose of Conducting a Regional Review When a Child Dies

2713.22 Cases That Require Review by a Regional Child Death Review Committee

2713.23 The Structure of the Regional Child Death Review Committee

2713.24 Procedures for Conducting a Regional Review of a Child's Death

2714 Definitions of Committees and Teams Responsible for Child Death Reviews

2715 Release of Information on a Child Fatality Investigation

3640 When a Child Dies During an Open FBSS Case

6511 Notifying DFPS Staff When a Child Dies While in Substitute Care

References to 2712.31 Allegation Task and 2712.32 Maintain Person Task are deleted in:

2812.2 When a Person Has Died

2813 Completing the Maintain Allegation Task in IMPACT