State Agency Contract Number Indicate ‘D’ Disbursing, 'R' Receiving, or 'B' Both Disbursing & Receiving FY18 Expenditures FY19 Expenditures Amount Received by Agency Agency Purpose
HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES COMMISSION (FY18) HHS000507000001 D $106,827,473.15 N/A Administrative Services
HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES COMMISSION (FY19) HHS000812000001 D $110,039,956.00 N/A Administrative Services
TEXAS DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY 530-18-0007-00001 D $2,460,922.50 $2,356,159.75 N/A DFPS Other
TEXAS WORKFORCE COMMISSION 530-18-0019-00001 D $85,861,412.95 $73,944,972.32 N/A DFPS TWC Child Care
UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS HEALTH SCIENCE CENTE 530-13-0090-00001 D $2,352,284.49 $2,429,880.00 N/A DFPS Medical Assessments (FACN) - SO

Last Updated on 8/13/20