Supporting Members of the Military, Their Spouses, and Veterans

A licensed administrator has supervision and direct control over a child-placing-agency or general residential operation and is responsible for the operation's programs, personnel, and compliance with licensing regulations. Child Care Licensing issues administrator's licenses to individuals who apply and meet certain criteria outlined in law and rule. CCL made changes to administrator licensing rules that allow exceptions and special considerations for active duty military, military spouses, and military veterans. The new rules:

  • Allow CCL to waive prerequisite requirements for getting an administrator's license.
  • Require CCL to expedite the application process.
  • Allow CCL to substitute educational qualifications, waive application and examination fees, and issue a full rather than provisional license.
  • Allow for special considerations for license renewal, including waiving continuing education requirements and late fees.

Protection against Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is the practice of controlling and exploiting others for profit. Children who have been victims of human trafficking have specific needs for services that differ from those of other children, which is why CCL has specific regulations for operations that provide this type of service. To protect the safety and privacy of these children and service providers, CCL waived the requirement to provide notice and hold a public hearing regarding residential services to be provided in a community for applicants who intend to provide services to victims of human trafficking.

In recognizing the danger posed by human traffickers to all children in care, CCL added sex and labor trafficking to the list of Central Registry offenses which bar individuals from working in permitted child care operations.