October 16, 2015
9:00 a.m.

John H. Winters Building Public Hearing Room, 125-E
701 West 51st Street
Austin, Texas 78751

  1. Call to Order
  2. Reading, Correction, and Approval of Minutes of June 18, 2015, regular meeting *
  3. Agency Briefings
    1. Embracing Permanency: A Call to Action - Camille Gilliam, CPS
    2. Statewide Intake Fiscal Year 2015 in Review - Ric Zimmerman, SWI
    3. Commissioner’s Report: Making Great Strides Tour; Administrative Update; Child Care Licensing Minimum Standards; Domestic Violence Awareness Month; APS Reorganization and Financial Exploitation Awareness Month; Rules Update and Notification of Rule Adoption; Worker Safety; Prevention and Early Intervention Consolidation, Partners in Prevention Conference, HOPES/Military Grants; Financial Children’s Rights Lawsuit Update - John J. Specia, Jr.
    4. Chair's Report - Tina Martin
  4. Public Testimony
  5. New Business
    1. Recommendation to propose rule changes in 40 TAC, Chapter 745, Licensing, Subchapter O, Independent Court Ordered Adoption Evaluations* - Paul Morris, CCL
    2. Recommendation to propose rule changes in 40 TAC, Chapter 745, Licensing, relating to public notice and hearing requirements and administrator licensing* - Paul Morris, CCL
    3. Recommendation to propose rule changes to 40 TAC, Chapter 700, Subchapter E, Division 1 relating to Child Protective Services Intake, Investigation and Assessment* - Sophia Karimjee and Denise Brady, CPS
    4. Recommendation to propose rule changes in 40 TAC Chapter 700, Subchapter L, relating to frequency and conduct of permanency planning meetings* - Jenny Hinson and Debra Emerson, CPS
  6. Adjourn *

* denotes action item