Office of Consumer Affairs

DFPS takes complaints seriously. The Office of Consumer Affairs (OCA) handles complaints and legislative inquiries about DFPS programs and addresses the concerns of DFPS clients, their families, other stakeholders, and the public in a fair and unbiased way. 

OCA validated 18.8 percent of the 4,689 complaints it handled in FY 2015.

The office actively reached out to foster parents and both current and former foster youth to make them aware of its services.

As a result, OCA received 150 complaints from foster parents, 48 from youth in foster care, and 22 from former foster youth.  The office also fielded 17,250 general inquiries and 733 legislative inquiries.

OCA shares the results of its reviews with DFPS managers to help them improve the quality of services.

You can contact the Office of Consumer Affairs toll free at 800-720-7777, by email (, or through the DFPS website's Contact Us page.